A consulting boutique dedicated to your company’s development

Our model is that of a a craftsman's workshop, offering tailor-made solutions. Based on our expertise and know-how, we desing fitting and exclusive services for each venture. Our unique method combines business efficiency and human touch at all time, be it creating of both high-performing and thoughtful management teams, or implementating robust and virtuous organizations. This uniqueness enables us to proudly support thriving companies at key stages of their development.

Our strenghs


Established expertise

Proven method.
360 service.


High-level network

Trustful relations with C-levels and investors. 
Ability to attract the best profiles. 
Accuracy on market trends.


Healthy balance

Structured, efficient and fast-paced processes. 
Continuous improvement. 
Considerate ear.


Bold reliability

Complementary teamwork on every project. 
Strong ethic. 
Independence with commercial freedom.

Executive Search

Every leader is a key player in your organization, contributing to its success and culture.

That’s why we support you in building your leadership team through our network and unique methodology. Deeply understanding your organization's challenges and ways is our formula. We're with you every step of your path to succeeding.


Why recruit with us?

To access the best profiles
To recruit quickly and efficiently
To strengthen your leadership

Organizational Excellency

Your organization reflects your business priorities and challenges.. Understanding its inner mechanism represents the first step towards optimization, and thus greater results.

By using a multifactor measure and monitoring method, we support you in implementing a continuous organizational improvement process. By doing so, you easily go through the excellence organizational path that combines performance and people.


Why develop a Performance and People organization model?

Building long-term competitiveness
Increasing organizational performance
Developing your people capital


Every management team and leader faces the challenge to evolve with each growth phasis. Deep perception of both collective dynamics and individual issues is pivotal to ensure a robust and long-lasting leadership.

We provide collective or individual assessments, exploring 4 dimensions: leadership skills, management and technical skills, professional values and individual potential.


Why assess your management team?

Gain an in-depth understanding of your management team's strengths
Identify areas for collective and individual improvement
Align your team's desires with your organization's needs

Recruitment consulting

Recruitment is key for both companies and employees. Ensuring efficient and fair processes is essential to make a difference in a competitive and tense market.

Thanks to experiments and experience, we have developed simple, adaptable and effective ways to improve your hiring.

Looking towards your priorities and specific needs, we develop a personalized service in line with your objectives.


Why improve your recruitment processes?

Increasing your attractiveness
Optimizing HR costs
Developing commitment


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