Our strength

The hunter’s Eye

We have the hunter's eye. We know how to spot the right talent and how to capture their aspirations. We bring this expertise to help our clients build the strongest teams; to align human, organizational and strategic value.

Our unique value proposition: We combine intuition, an integral aspect of human relations, with analytical thinking, a crucial part of organizational strategy.

Leadership experience

We know what it means to be a decision-maker. We have over ten years’ experience in general management positions, around and beyond Human Resources, from which we have gained in-depth knowledge on how businesses work. We’ve seen it all: from world leading companies publicly listed on the CAC 40, to a major business unit, and to a mid-sized LBO.

When talking to a business executive, whether in Operations or Human Resources, we deeply understand the situations in which they find themselves by virtue of having previously dealt with them ourselves. Proximity to our clients is in part nurtured by this common experience.

The artisan’s independence

We have gained our expertise through the best global corporate headhunting firms, and now combine it with the independence of an artisan. Our agile structure frees us from commercial pressures and quotas to allow us to fully dedicate ourselves to our clients. Even more, we can provide you with a creative and truly bespoke service.

We have chosen to give ourselves the opportunity to privilege the quality of the missions you share with us and to bring our undivided attention to their execution. This bespoke service is both a freedom we grant ourselves and a guarantee we give our clients.