Our methodology


A well-defined and thoughtful job description is key for a successful recruitment process. We view this step as an important investment which requires a considerable amount of effort, time, and collaboration with our clients.

We offer to start each mandate with a two-day immersion in the client’s company, dedicated to scheduled interviews to better understand the company goals & strategy with this hiring, the company culture, and qualities the candidate will need to demonstrate.

In-house research

Research is at the core of our business; this is the headhunter’s way of demonstrating their ability and skill. The backbone of thorough & quality research is an intimate understanding of market dynamics, which we rigorously track and research in parallel to all our mandates. Our insightful research builds a lasting trust with clients and legitimacy with candidates.

In the recruitment process, research is too pivotal to be confided to any other person than headhunters: we personally conduct, from A to Z, the mandates that our clients entrust us with.

Opening up to Outsiders

Recruitment decisions are too often dominated by a risk-aversion logic. This mentality usually favors safe candidates that “tick the right boxes” in terms of experience and skills. For bold companies with bold ambitions, you may realize you need to welcome an Outsider to the team.

In our final selection, we always include at least one unique profile (an Outsider), whose experience and skills qualify them well for the position while bringing something different.


Signing the employment contract does not mean our work is done; the candidate's first six months within the company are a critical period. As such, we follow-up with our placed candidate up to six months into their new role to ensure both client and new hire are happy & fulfilled with the new placement.

During this period, we schedule recurring discussions with the candidate, their manager and the HR team to ensure a successful integration for all parties.